DBK KOREA vision is to become a Global Top 3 company in the HomeCare industry by 2012. We'll achieve this goal by developing Cleaning & Caring technologies based on customer insights and exploring new markets. We plan to research and develop technologies that ultimately enrich the lives of our customers and bring them comfort.
DBK KOREA is dedicated to providing genuine satisfaction to our customers, beyond simple function. We plan to accomplish this goal with a continuing array of clean and care areas, as well as unique and stylish eco products that reflect customer desires.
DBK KOREA has been actively developing eco-friendly technologies that will reduce or eliminate the use of harmful materials in products and slow down global warming to ensure our customers' long-term well-being. We are equally dedicated to developing new products in the fields of natural products for house and people.
At DBK KOREA, we are dedicated to developing an R&D culture that promotes creativity without fear of failure. Moreover, we are devoted to open innovation, which leverages internal and external capabilities to create cutting-edge technologies and products.
DBK KOREA's open and innovative R&D culture will continue to provide technology leadership in our industry and has achieved world-class Research & Development by nurturing internal R&D talent and aggressively recruiting external talent.
DBK KOREA's exceptional R&D talent benefits from our company's open and innovative R&D culture. This enables our technology innovators to maintain DBK KOREA's reputation as the industry leader and to deliver on our promise to our customers: "Comfortable Life with DBK Korea"