maxforce ant bait gel
Item name KILLPOPant bait
Dosage forms Solid
Ingredient Chlorpyrifos, etc.
Efficacy effects Stamp out ant
How to take
and usage
1. Put feed buckets out of package
2. Put each feed bucket at places such as refrigerator, kitchen table, boiler room, deskdrawer, radiator, etc. where most of ants get together. Put 2 buckets per 3 pyeongand install them after adjusting and increasing amount according to the number of ant.
3. Install them only at night time at places where human passage might be troubled
4. Attach expected its changing date on calendar after recording expected changing data and installed places on sticker
5. Change buckets 3 months after installing it and discard bait bowl after wrapping it with paper
6. Even in the case that ants disappear, doní»t discard buckets in order to prevent ants
Standard 6 EA